Andrew Schroeder (ghetto_bird) wrote in its_murdah,
Andrew Schroeder

I hate people who make fun of where I work
I hate people who act like I'm a jerk
I don't like people who pretend they're fuckin' sick
People who act like they're never suckin' dick
People who fuck and brag they ain't no whore
Dirty ass bitches I cannot stand no more
Girls who act like they don't lick six clits
Even though they think they're slick-dick shits
At picnic sits, so lick piss bitch, and stick this bitch
So pick it which, what the fuck'll it be
I'm sick of people saying, "oh my god, you offended me"
What do I look like? Take a crap you shitted me
So I attack you with words, exploit your stupidity
Think you can say shit, fuck you kiddin' me
Only thing you can do is throw your own hat at me
Rip out your insides, learn from your own anatomy
Learnin' whats inside you need to all invest in
Cuz I'm slicin' you up, pullin out your small intestine
I just like to talk shit, it's what I've been best in
But I'm just confessin', speakin' truth, it ain't all guessin'
I just get mad, and I do get pissed a lot
I've told off everyone, still I've missed a lot
But this the spot, this list I got, of all the fuckers I wished I shot
If I really did compile the names since my birth,
The list would wrap around the Earth
And I would curse just to make shit worse
I'd be the first to put your ass in a hearse
Because I'd break your mouth and bash your head
Then I'd take your house and trash your bed
There's no point in even listening to what I said
Because once I get my hands on you, bitch your dead
'Cuz I fuckin' hate every thing and I hate you all
Carry you to the highest cliff and make you fall
I don't give a fuck, I'm the kind of person you call
An asshole, but make sure you say it loud
Call me whatever the fuck you want, it's allowed
I'm an asshole, see bitch, I say it proud

See mother fuckers I say shit up front
Talk all the shit I fuckin' want
Drink nine forties and smoke thirty blunts
You people ain't shit, you broke dirty cunts

Now if you don't like the words of today
Then fuck you to, how's that okay
I hate you all, favorites I don't play
I don't give a fuck if your white, black, or gay
Freedom of speech, none of it illegally
I'm not a racist, hate all equally
So bow down before me, do your curtsy
Because you mother fuckers can do shit to hurt me
I've been in pain before, plenty enough
A lot of times just over bull-shit stuff
Because I play a little rough, but I never bluff
Usually I just pretend to be a little tough
I have been through a lot, believe it or not
Even though I've never been stabbed or shot
But the record for injuries, I've might got it
Puttin' screwdrivers in a light socket
Or maybe like that time I fell off a crotch rocket
Puttin' a flamin' bag by your door then knock it
I like to do shit and have fun plenty
Drivin' down Monroe Street doin one-twenty
Racing people, dodgin' the 5-0
Don't drive slow, but who cares I'm alive so
Fuck it, if you know what I'm sayin'
Talkin' shit, you know I'm not playin'
Get in my face, then you know I just may then
Put you in your place, hell should be my haven
'Cuz that's where I'm goin' when my days end
Eternity in hell is probably what I'm facin'
Don't be too happy, the Earth I'm stayin'
I'll die somehow, guns, knives, or drag racin'
But I have to be first, you know it's what I'm placin'
But death right now I'm really not chasin'
Even though all my days I'm just wastin'
There's a lot of shit right now I'm just cased in
It feels like this is hell and I've been placed in
If I left now it would probably be a waste then
There's not really anything I've ever aced in
Except being a dick, fuck you all I'm erasin'

See mother fuckers I say shit up front
Talk all the shit I fuckin' want
Drink nine forties and smoke thirty blunts
You people ain't shit, you broke dirty cunts

Runnin' around calling me racist still, like I'm a nazi
Im'a murder you all, I'm goin' kill right kamikaze
I run alone by myself, but I still fight, I'm a posse
Talkin' shit like you've half the skill I might a got see
I can talk my shit, make a lot of high noise
Shit happens I don't hide behind my boys
You think this is all my fault like this shit is my choice
But I don't give a fuck, I just like the sound of my voice
You can make a hate list, my name I'll probably see it on
After I'm done with you, you'd wish you were back in Vietnam
As long as my name is at the very top, even though I'm number one
I still ain't gonna stop, 'cuz I'm havin' too much fun
And when I'm done, that'll never be
Because I'm the best you fuckers will ever see
So I must put you down so cleverly
Fuck you all that's all I got to say
I may be done, but not today
I just like to talk shit a lot okay
Pretending like I'm mean, I'm scary and pushy
I hate you all as much as Kerry and Bush see
Bad mouth the reverend, ain't he pissed
Save your breath, I'm an athiest
I may believe, but chose not to instead
I don't give a fuck where I go when dead
But I'm walking quickly on a thin tread
That I seem to be on, but never been read
My rights whenever I happen to get in my fights
Those just happen to be my life highlights
I also don't give a fuck about bi-rights
Go ahead marry who'ever you choose
If you're of the same-sex, whatever, you lose
So give me your opinions, pass 'em by me, try it see
I'm just speakin' what others fear in our society
I speak the truth, and do it with such clarity
People like me are such a rariety
So fair it be, people who disagree, then they're shitty
People who speak what's really on there minds are scarsity
Because you fuckers are important as an ass hair to me

See mother fuckers I say shit up front
Talk all the shit I fuckin' want
Drink nine forties and smoke thirty blunts
You people ain't shit, you broke dirty cunts
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